Easy Brie-zy Cheese and Crackers

1 8 oz Brie wheel or wedge (may substitute cream cheese)

1 jar Raspberry/Chipotle Sauce

or any sweet and spicy sauce

Nita Crisp Artisan Flatbreads

Place the cheese on a serving dish.

Spoon the sauce over the cheese and arrange the flatbreads around  the cheese or place in an separate bowl.

This is the first appetizer to go!

2 Responses to Easy Brie-zy Cheese and Crackers

  • James Herringer says:

    I just sent an e-mail, and wanted to include my contact information:
    James Herringer
    culinary consultant
    641 badding drive
    thornton, co 80229
    [email protected]

    • James Herringer says:

      This is an awesome crowd pleaser, although it is sort of ‘last season’, at least. kick it up a notch with brie options: Brie w/Mushrooms, Brie w/ garlic & herbs, Blue bries, like Cambozola, mouco makes a Blu’ brie.
      The sauce alternatives are endless, but embracing the local artisans, check out primo Specialty Foods; they have several spiced fruit preserves that would make this ‘project runway’ foder!

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